Speaker Bios

Deidre Diamond is the CEO and Founder of CyberSN.com, a cybersecurity research and staffing company, and the Founder of brainbabe.org, a cybersecurity not-for-profit organization. Deidre’s vision and leadership has resulted in a dramatic decrease in the frustration, time and cost associated with job searching and hiring for cybersecurity professionals. Prior to CyberSN, Deidre was the CEO of Percussion Software, the first VP of Sales at Rapid7 (NYSE:RPD) and the VP of Staffing and Recruiting for the national technical staffing company Motion Recruitment. Deidre leads with a strong commitment to transparency, equality, training, support, high-productivity and love in the workforce.


Patrick Ford is the founder of an acclaimed male allyship program (men advocating for women in the workplace) at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and founder of MBA Allies, a coalition of male allyship programs across top business schools. He works with all types of organizations to create uniquely tailored strategies to educate men on issues of gender equity and equip them to become advocates for inclusion in their workplaces. Ford believes that real and lasting change happens one person at a time and finds ways to meaningfully engage all men on the sensitive topics of diversity and inclusion.


Eric Wesley is a Senior HR Business Partner at Amazon. In his current role, Eric is the strategic HR partner supporting the Information Security group. Since joining Amazon in 2015, Eric has also supported several technology infrastructure teams within e-Commerce including Payments, Tax, Shipping, Ordering, and Identity Services. Additionally, Eric is the leader of diversity programs for the e-Commerce Foundation group, driving initiatives and creating mechanisms that foster a diverse andinclusive workplace. Prior to joining Amazon, Eric worked in various HR roles at General Electric (GE) Company and Cintas Corporation, a total of 10.5 years combined experience.


Megan Roddie is a Sr. Security Analyst with Recon InfoSec. She recently graduated with her Master’s in Digital Forensics and also holds her GCIH and GCFA. As a 21-year old with Asperger’s Syndrome (High Functioning Autism), Megan offers a unique perspective in any topic she discusses. Megan can articulate her struggles and how small modifications in daily life have made her successful.


Cecilia Marinier leads RSA Conference’s Innovation and Education efforts.  She is the Creator and Steward of the RSAC Security Scholars program and RSAC College Day. In addition, she also heads up the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest, RSAC Early Stage Expo and RSAC Sandbox to expose attendees to cutting-edge technologies and best hands-on practices for the field. Prior to working at RSAC, she worked at Monitor 360, a firm that develops new approaches to the vexing problems facing the US Government Intelligence Community. She also served on the Commonwealth Club’s Inforum Board. She holds a master in public affairs from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.


Whitney King is a Data Analyst/Software Developer living and working just outside of Seattle, WA. She has over 10 years of experience across the technology industry, with a career primarily focused on improving internet safety and security features for some of the most ubiquitous products in computing. At 19, she dropped out of college due to difficulties coping with GAD and dyscalculia, instead pursuing jobs focused on technical skills gained as an enthusiast. As an adult, she’s was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, ADHD, and PTSD, and continues to learn the complexities of social environments, and asking for accommodations.


Rose Hindman is the Executive Director and founder of Technology Diversified. Rose’s work across multiple industries has allowed her to experience and assess the effects of both diverse and homogenous teams on business processes and measures of success. Rose believes that a commitment to diverse and inclusive workplaces is not just the principled approach, but also the pragmatic one. In her spare time, Rose herds cats, mentors teenagers, and supports the Cybersecurity community.


Amélie E. Koran serves as a Deputy Chief Information Officer within the U.S. Federal Government. Amélie’s path to her current employer took her the long way around through multiple industry sectors, academia, and the public sector. Her professional experience includes time spent at The Walt Disney Company, Carnegie Mellon University CERT/CC, Mandiant, The World Bank, and The American Chemical Society. She began her time in the public sector as Lead Enterprise Security Architect for the U.S. Department of the Interior, eventually moving on to lead Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation implementation for the U.S. Treasury Department. Amélie later spent time on a leadership development rotation as part of the President’s Management Council Fellowship serving the Federal CIO in supporting cybersecurity policy analysis and legislative review, where she took an active role in the government-wide Open Data Initiative and helped in giving “birth” to the United States Digital Service (USDS). She’s an ardent advocate for innovative approaches to hiring talent and rationally applying security strategies and technologies for the Federal Government space. 


Selena Templeton is Executive Editor of ITSPmagazine, podcast host of Diverse IT, and a freelance writer (despite earning a degree in English Lit that people warned her would make her obsolete in today’s “anyone can write on the Internet” world, she has had no problem making a living with. the written word). Previously, she worked in the publication/entertainment industry at Kate Walker & Co. and The Hollywood Reporter, until the dastardly team at ITSPmagazine lured her into the cyber/tech industry where she has worked for the magazine for the last two years.


Lori Barfield joined her first Internet startup as a senior system administrator. When that company went public, she was hooked, and helping smaller firms prevail against well established rivals has been her passion ever since. She is currently a consulting COO and a chair at the SCaLE and ShellCon conferences in Southern California. She developed the unique RaiseMe career consulting effort at ShellCon, which has successfully helped people obtain their first security engineering roles in the industry. Lori is also a mother of five. With the kids, the dog, and a horse, she is grateful for a full and happy home, and the occasional escape to the woods with her husband.


Chloe’ Messdaghi is Former head of customer marketing, partner marketing, and social media at Kenna Security as a Marketing Manager. Since working at Kenna Security, I see cybersecurity as a humanitarian issue. Data breaches don’t just impact companies, but governments, environments, and people. This can adversely affect lives of the most vulnerable persons as well. Hence, my previous and current humanitarian passion has led me to the cybersecurity space. Current and previous humanitarian work includes advising as a UN Volunteer and serve as a board member for several humanitarian organizations, including RUDEC in Cameroon, Bridges of Sports in India, WhatIf Foundation in Haiti, and Simuka Africa in Zimbabwe. These nonprofits’ missions are to advocate for children’s rights and equality. Learn more about Chloe at ChloeMessdaghi.com


Julie Villegas is a Senior Security Consultant working for a consulting firm based in Seattle, WA. Julie is an ethical hacker with a curious ambidextrous mind that takes pride on decomposing business processes and applications to discover security vulnerabilities and controllership process gaps. Julie is a former school teacher that developed an interest in cyber security and protection of children on the Internet. Julie holds a BS and MS in Cybersecurity from CWU. Julie has spoken at multiple BSides conferences, CSA, ISDFS and Secure World.


Alejandro Villegas – Security engineering leader for a electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington. Security evangelist that has worked for Amazon, Microsoft, F5 Networks, Hewlett-Packard, and cPanel. Ethical hacker with a diverse educational and professional background (alphabet soup upon request) obsessed with security engineering, due diligence and customer trust. Alejandro enjoys attending and presenting at security conferences, publishing security papers, and developing security tools.