Prospectus 2018


We are Technology Diversified, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing education and resources that promote employment, peer-support, diversity, and inclusion in technology. We support underrepresented people and allies from all professional backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identity, age, neuro diversities and level of ability.

Diverse teams are consistently more successful. Technology Diversified helps build the skills that create diverse and inclusive workplaces by providing programs, events, curriculum, training, mentorship, education and resource sharing to anyone who is interested in promoting and supporting diversity.

Hacking Diversity Las Vegas 2018

We are pleased to announce Hacking Diversity Las Vegas 2018, a four day event to support and encourage the information security and hacking community to hack the world around us in positive meaningful ways. Hacking Diversity Las Vegas 2018 is August 9th – 12th, 2018 (concurrent with DEFCON) in the Caesars Palace Tower, a quick elevator ride up from the conference floor.

Hacking Diversity Las Vegas 2018 features:

  • Talks and workshops on allyship, diversity, and workplace issues
  • Presentations featuring our partners, sponsors, and companies that promote the values of diversity and inclusion
  • Networking Socials and Q&A / brainstorming sessions to keep the conversation going
  • Quiet parties from 8-midnight on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We’re introvert friendly and are keeping it alcohol-free and family-friendly


  • Invisible Bias
  • Inclusion Workshops
  • Peer Support
  • Tech People of Color
  • Learning Disabilities At Work
  • Differently Abled People At Work
  • Gender Identity At Work
  • Identifying and Addressing Microinequities
  • Age Discrimination At Work
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Returning to the workforce
  • Ally Skills
  • HR Interaction Panel

Are you a trainer, advocate, or presenter who wants to rock diversity?  Check out our CFP

Company participation is more than financial. We want to work with other organizations who cherish and value diversity at work, for more information, please email for more information

We are seeking sponsorship to cover the cost of our event. Your funds help make this event possible.

Corporate Sponsorship Tiers









Number of Sponsorships Available Unlimited Unlimited 4 2
Jobs on Careers Page 2 4 6
Logo on Sponsors Page Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logo on Main Conference Banner Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Promotions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thank you during opening and closing ceremony Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sponsored Items for Giveaways Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tickets to Speakers and Sponsors Social Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 Minute Promotion Spot at Opening Ceremonies Yes Yes
10 Minute Speaking Spot at Networking Events Yes Yes

Individual contributions are welcomed and appreciated. Please check out our GoFundMe!

Thank you for being an ally of diversity and inclusion! We can’t wait to hear from you!