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Tuesday, June 26, 2018 – Portland, OR – Today, Technology Diversified, a 501(c)3 non-profit based out of the Northwest, announced that they will host Hacking Diversity Las Vegas 2018, a 4 day conference concurrent with DEFCON 26 in Las Vegas, NV August 9th – 12th in the Caesars’ Palace Tower. Technology Diversified was formed to provide education and resources that promote employment, peer-support, diversity, and inclusion in technology.

Rose Hindman, who founded this non-profit in 2017, said about the upcoming event “Diversity is more than just the latest fad. It is not just checked boxes and lip service, but a concept to be actively modeled and pursued in the workplace and daily life. It enriches the pool of problem-solvers, creators, and users of technology and manifests ingenuity and creativity that would otherwise be overlooked by a homogenous workforce.” Technology Diversified hopes that by bringing a greater awareness of the diverse roles, cultures and verticals in cybersecurity to an inclusive audience. They can help connect people with jobs community resources in the tech industry.

It’s a well-known fact that cybersecurity has a hiring crisis. The cybersecurity association (ISC)2 reports that we will be short 1.8 million workers in the cybersecurity sector by 2021. A recent report published by CSO Online goes even further to include international job vacancies and pushes that number over 3 million needed cybersecurity workers! All those openings, and yet, (ISC)2 says women STILL only comprise 11% of the security workforce. People of color, both men and women, people with disabilities, gaps in their work history, and many others can be recruited to fill these roles in greater numbers, if only the cybersecurity industry can break the stereotype that to work in security you need to be a man in a black hoodie hunched over a keyboard.

Included in the program content for Hacking Diversity Las Vegas 2018, will be: Presentations on allyship, diversity, and workplace issues. Presentations featuring our partners, sponsors, and companies that promote the values of diversity and inclusion. Networking Socials to help people find work and connect with others who support diversity and inclusion. Quiet parties from 8-midnight on Thursday and Friday. We’re introvert friendly and are keeping it alcohol-free and family-friendly. Speakers are being confirmed and the CFP process is now open. Companies and individuals who are interested in sponsoring, or getting involved should visit the Sponsorship page.

Technology Diversified is thrilled to partner with ITSPmagazine, the official media partner of Hacking Diversity Las Vegas 2018.



About Technology Diversified: Technology Diversified is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing education and resources that promote employment, peer-support, diversity, and inclusion in technology. We support underrepresented people and allies from all professional backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, gender identity, age, neurodiversity, and level of ability. Technology Diversified helps build the skills that create diverse and inclusive workplaces by providing programs, events, curriculum, training, mentorship, education, and resource sharing to anyone who is interested in promoting and supporting diversity.


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