Call for Speakers


Our Call for Speakers is now open!

We are looking for:

  • Talks (20 or 50 minutes)
  • Panels (50)
  • Workshops (minimum 1 hour)


Suggested Themes:

  • Success stories about creating or maintaining diverse and inclusive teams
  • Past Failures or lessons learned
  • Ideas about increasing diversity in the workplace
  • Diversity & Ally Skills Training
  • Why diversity matters in tech
  • Invisible Bias
  • Inclusion Workshops
  • Peer Support
  • Tech People of Color
  • Learning Disabilities At Work
  • Differently Abled People At Work
  • Gender Identity At Work
  • Identifying and Addressing Micro-inequities
  • Age Discrimination At Work
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Returning to the workforce
  • Ally Skills


How to Submit:

Please email submissions to


Please send us a .doc or .pdf with the following:

  1. Speaker(s) Name, Email, Phone Number
  2. Name of Talk
  3. Bio (100 words)
  4. LinkedIn Profile and social accounts for speaker(s)
  5. Are you a first time speaker?
  6. Chosen format (20 / 50 min, panel, or workshop)
  7. Short abstract (200 words max)
  8. Long abstract (500 words max)
  9. Three attendee takeaways (150 characters each)
  10. We will provide a laptop and HDMI and Cable. Do you need additional tech?
  11. We plan to record talks, do you have any concerns or questions about being recorded?



All Presentations must follow the Code of Conduct and spirit of Hacking Diversity.