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Beth Fuller is on the board of Technology Diversified.  She has a background in HR, 15 years in industry, and is frequently invited to speak on diversity topics, most recently at Monitorama.  Beth also contributes to the community as the Product Manager for Terraform Open Source at HashiCorp. In her spare time, Beth is a product manager who makes security products that work.  She also gardens and parents a really cool kid.


Deidre Diamond is the CEO and Founder of CyberSN.com, a cybersecurity research and staffing company, and the Founder of brainbabe.org, a cybersecurity not-for-profit organization. Deidre’s vision and leadership has resulted in a dramatic decrease in the frustration, time and cost associated with job searching and hiring for cybersecurity professionals. Prior to CyberSN, Deidre was the CEO of Percussion Software, the first VP of Sales at Rapid7 (NYSE:RPD) and the VP of Staffing and Recruiting for the national technical staffing company Motion Recruitment. Deidre leads with a strong commitment to transparency, equality, training, support, high-productivity and love in the workforce.


Patrick Ford is the founder of an acclaimed male allyship program (men advocating for women in the workplace) at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and founder of MBA Allies, a coalition of male allyship programs across top business schools. He works with all types of organizations to create uniquely tailored strategies to educate men on issues of gender equity and equip them to become advocates for inclusion in their workplaces. Ford believes that real and lasting change happens one person at a time and finds ways to meaningfully engage all men on the sensitive topics of diversity and inclusion.

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